Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator sits proud on the firewall of the M3A1 Scout Car and is in plain sight when the bonnet is lifted. It’s items like these that I always like to pay special attention to when restoring, particularly with detailing as they are lovely bits of eye candy to break up the olive drab seen everywhere else. The voltage regulator was, mechanically, in great condition and tested fine, aesthetically though it looked as if it had been kicked around a barn floor for 30 years! I started by stripping what was left of the original paint and then used a fine wet and dry to sand the rust back from the data tag, but trying to keep the detail as best I could. Once prepared, I used a VHT wrinkle finish paint to match the original finish and then a green enamel based paint for the tag. The original cadmium plating on the terminal box could not be saved so I used a Frosts cadmium effect spray which turned out reasonably well although a tad blue perhaps! Looking forward to bolting this gem on to the bulkhead!

Author: M3A1

WW2 vehicle enthusiast.

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