Front Axle

The front axle on the M3A1 Scout Car shares a lot of similarities too a GMC CCKW front split axle, which makes sourcing parts for the overhaul a lot easier than the rear axle.

I started by draining the oil from the axle which came out looking as good as it went in 30-40 years ago! With the M3A1 Scout Car you have to remove the half shafts / CV joints to allow you to remove the brake drums. Once the drum is removed you can then unbolt the brake backing plate with everything attached. The steering knuckle can then be split apart, after removing the king pin bearing caps. It was clear that the front axle had been rebuilt by the French army at some point as all of the bearings had been changed to a French variant. Everything appears to be in very good order and after a ton of degreaser everything cleaned up well. I will need to order some seals and brake parts to complete the rebuild.

Author: M3A1

WW2 vehicle enthusiast.

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