The Project…

Welcome to the restoration of my M3A1 SCOUT CAR which was built by the White Motor Company in 1942. Overall, 20,918 Scout Cars were produced between 1940-1944 in 8 batches or ‘lots’, this M3A1 was from production lot 5. I believe this particular Scout Car was used by the French Army after the war until it was decommissioned in the late 70’s and presumably parked up ever since. Unfortunately during that time the Scout Car was used as donor project for another rebuild so there are a lot of parts missing, making the restoration a real challenge. Please look through the blog to see the restoration progress and keep coming back for regular updates.


Once the deal was done we had to move the Scout Car to the workshop. With the help of a friend’s trusty Defender and a hired trailer to take the strain, we hauled it back to the workshop.

What isn’t shown in the photos are some of the extras which came with the project, including a spare transfer box, steering box and some of the rear armor which we bought back in a van.