Handbrake / Parking Brake

Whilst stripping the truck down I was impressed that the M3A1 Scout Car used a disk brake style system for the handbrake. A disk, similar to one found on any modern car, is bolted between the prop shaft and transfer box. The brake pads then clamp the disk when the handbrake lever is applied in the cab. It is all controlled by rods which look in perfect condition.

After an initial sandblast the hand brake mechanism looked in great shape, apart from the pads which were worn down to the rivets! Every thing came apart nicely which was a relief, with all of the bronze bushings and steel pins showing very little signs of wear.

I managed to pick up a new set of NOS pads, which I think are a French copy from the late 40’s – 50’s, although the rivets which came with them were wrong, the pads themselves were perfect.

Once the pads were riveted in place it was just a case of a few layers of paint and the re-assemble. There are quite a few adjusting points on the pads handbrake to make sure the pads run true to the disk and that there is not too much free play in the lever. I can only set this up once the mechanism is back in the truck.